Top 5 skills for a medical assistant

What are Medical Assistants?

Medical assistants are multi-skilled, allied health workers who carry out administrative duties such as re-scheduling, front office management, insurance monitoring, record maintenance, bookkeeping, patient data collection, medical instructions, and laboratory tests etc. in order to run the clinics smoothly.

Nowadays medical industry is rapidly increasing, expanding and growing. In order to sustain people’s medical needs it requires a lot of medical care assistants. The duties of a medical assistant (MA) is a formidable task so one must be master in order to be well equipped in this line of work. Following is a list of skills to demonstrate the challenges required: Continue reading “Top 5 skills for a medical assistant” »

Medical Assistant’s Code of Ethics And Professional Conduct

Every profession has certain ethics and code of conduct that needs to be followed by professional. But healthcare is different profile and as it deals with life of human beings code of conduct are bit more stringent and certain rules are universal. There will be difference if any one performs above the set standards. So medical assistants are expected to adhere to the given code of ethics and appropriate professional conduct set by the governing bodies

Medical Professional Team

Most important is to be loyal to the employers

Professionals are expected to uphold the honor and principles of medical professional by accepting and adhering to its governing disciplines.Medical assistants are expected to be honest and faithful to their employer. Whether civil or criminal acts can make someone lose his professional licenses for a certain period or if it’s a serious crime then can be for entire life.

Be considerate and respectful to patients

Medical assistants are not supposed to be rude or inconsiderate to patients.Privacy of patients is covered under privilege of communication law.Medical assistants should always be polite and kind, pleasant and responsive towards patients. They should not make any disrespectful comments that will degrade their clients.

Serve and treat customers well

They are expected toparticipate in additional community services, to improve the health and well-being of the people in the area. They should be part of voluntary works or community health awareness projects of the government.

To Keep Data Confidential

All information of patients is supposed to be confidential. All repots are supposed to be sent only to patient or relative post verifying the relationship with the patient.They should be released only if it is required legally. Only medical team treating the customer should be allowed to have access to medical history and reports of patients. The American Association of Medical Assistants is very strict when it comes to information security. If it is not maintained, license can also be cancelled.

Continuous professional development (CPD)

Professional needs to be updated in terms of their knowledge and practicing experience from time to time. For which they attend regular seminars and training programs.Their opinions and views shall be based on dedicated study and research instead of imitation or without any base. They should have knowledge related to medical field and related to some other topics as well. But new information should be factual and with scientific basis. Also share learned knowledge and skills to their other colleagues to enhance their information as well.

Medical Assistant is related to Health care industry which deals with life and well being of mankind, so code of conduct should be maintained very well.

Along with code of conduct certain professional netiquettes are also required to be maintained. You need to be professional at the place you work. You are the first person any patient or their family member is going to interact. It should be portrait in better way. Treat your patients with respect, greet them and in no situation case should come up that you have misbehaved with your patients. It is also important to be loyal, trustworthy and committed to your work profile.

Medical Assistant Schools Can Give You the Skills You Need to Get

Medical assistant is a position which has multiple tasks at the same time. They not only handle the front office but assists to the doctors as well. Because of the nature of work the position demands various skills which are required to fulfill the entire task properly. The tasks are of varied nature very different from each other. If the task of managing the back office or assisting the doctors requires technical and interpersonal skills, the front office on the other hand requires communication skills, interpersonal skills, patience etc.

Medical Assistant Career

How do colleges attribute towards good career?

The course curriculums that are designed by the colleges are done by keeping in mind the requirement of the tasks that they need to do once they join a job. The colleges, apart from Medical Assistant certificates, also provide hands on experience with all the equipments that the MAs will be working with in future.

As the MAs handles the front office tasks, the schools provide them various skills that are required to handle patients, reception work, appointment and handling the schedules of the doctor. They also need to answer phone calls and treat people with care and love. For managing these multiple duties the MAs needs communication skills to interact properly with both the patients and the doctors, interpersonal skills to gain trust of the patients so that they can cooperate and provides all the information required to prepare the medical reports and performing the task of collecting sample for tests. They also receive practical hands on experience to manage pharmacies, clinics, physical therapies sites and other medical related activities.

The skills that are taught in the medical schools not only help a medical assistant in performing the task but also increase ones job security. It is quite obvious there is always a demand for those people who are highly talented, professional and dedicated towards their work. The medical schools with their curriculum structures and the procedures of imparting education increase the student’s technical knowledge, and teach them to have patience and be calm. There are also schools that offer free laptops for students. has provided a list of a few colleges that provide laptops.

Give them the platform to absorb pressure

Medical assistants must also know how to handle stress. Apart from their own hectic schedules the medical assistants need to manage those people who are sick and are in pain. Managing patients is not an easy task. The medical assistants must have a sense of good humor and must know how to talk to people in order to release their stress.

Training for administrative and supporting duties

Sometimes the medical assistants need to handle the billing section. Managing billing section and bookkeeping is not an easy task along with stressful task that they need to perform. Hence for managing the accounts perfectly the medical assistants need to be very good with numbers.

It must be kept in mind that the schools play a great role in imparting all the required skills in an aspirant. Irrespective of the ways of study i.e. education acquired through conventional way or through online the aspirants must not forget to select the skills in right way. Because enrolling in a proper school is the first stepping stone towards a bright future.

Certified Nursing Assistants vs Medical Assistants

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s): certified nursing assistants are those who assist individuals with physical infirmities, psychological deficiencies and serve towards other health care requirements. They provide their services with their love and care. They provide bedside nursing and basic nursing procedures but under supervision of registered nurse (RN) , Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and other health care professionals. They provide everyday living tasks for elderly, care and services for patients in hospitals, residential needs, clients in private homes and other services due to old age, disabilities etc. In U.S certified nursing assistants generally works in nursing homes or hospitals and generally assists rehabilitation patients, chronically sick patients who cannot take care for themselves. Continue reading “Certified Nursing Assistants vs Medical Assistants” »

How to Find a Solid Drivers Education Program

Drivers education programs around the country offer students what they believe is the best driver education course in the area. They tell students that they will be able to provide them with the most information, and that they will be able to prepare them for the test better than any other program.

It can be difficult to choose the best drivers education program when each program is making these claims. You need to do some work and do some research to find out which courses are truly the best. These different tips will help you to easily find the best driver education program in your area.

Online Review Websites

Online review websites can and will be your best friend as you look to find a solid drivers education program. Online reviews will help to give you insight into each program, helping you to better understand the program, the instructors, and the course.

There will be both positive and negative reviews. It is important that you do not take each of these various reviews to heart. You should be looking for trends – a lot of individuals who were happy with one aspect, or a lot of previous students who were upset or angry about one aspect. When you see a trend, you know that the comment is not a simple outlier and is a defining characteristic of the drivers education program.


One of the best ways for you to find out where you should take your driversed course is through the state. The state government will generally recommend a few different places for you to take your education and training. This may open up some different options that you simply did not know existed, or may direct you to some of the cheapest options that you may find.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is always a strong source to rely on, as it will give you first-hand accounts of the actual program. Talk to the people who you know who have already gone through drivers training and ask them about their experience. When you know how they liked their driversed program, you can ask them about the name of the program, where it was held, and how much the program costs.

This is generally the most reliable form of search that you can complete when looking for a driver education program. You are asking people who you trust about their experiences, which is sure to give you solid insight into where you should go for your own education.

In the end, most of the drivers education programs that you find are going to be able to provide you with all of the basic driver education information that you need. They will provide you with the information that you need to study and take the test. The best programs stand out from the rest because of the extras that they offer and the way that they approach learning. These various tips and steps simply help you to identify the programs that do so.


Everything You Need to Know About Drivers Education

Drivers education is an important course for anyone who is looking to be self-sufficient, as it will teach you how to be able to get around on your own. The course is something that most people will go through and is a course that, surprisingly enough, some people have struggled with.

Student's Driver

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4 Tips for Easing Your Way Through Drivers Education

For some, drivers education is somewhat daunting and scary. They feel as if they are not going to be able to take in all of the information, and that they will not be able to pass the test. There is simply a lot of pressure during the education course, as people know that they will not be able to get their drivers license if they do not pass the test.

There are a couple of different tips that are going to help you to easy your way through drivers education. Taking all of these into consideration and putting them into practice will help to make your experience as simple, easy, and stress free as possible. Continue reading “4 Tips for Easing Your Way Through Drivers Education” »